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Some writing to explain
Australia 2002 Trip:-

Australia Australia Canberra
Australia Australia
NSW: Bathurst
Sat 30 Mar 2002
Driving a
Bathurst Raceway
Australia Australia NSW: Blackheath
Australia Australia NSW: Bondi
Australia Australia NSW: Byron Bay
Australia Australia NSW: Clovelly
Australia Australia NSW: Coffs Harbour
Australia Australia NSW: Coogee
Australia Australia NSW: Double Bay
Australia Australia NSW: Gosford
Australia Australia
NSW: Katoomba
The Three Sisters
Mon 25 Mar 2002
Three Sisters
Australia Australia NSW: Leura
Australia Australia NSW: Manly
Australia Australia NSW: Newcastle
Australia Australia NSW: Port Macquarie
Australia Australia NSW: Sydney
Australia Australia NSW: Taree
Australia Australia NSW: Watsons Bay
Australia Australia NSW: Wentworth Falls
Australia Australia NT: Kings Canyon
Australia Australia NT: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Australia Australia QLD: Cairns
Australia Australia QLD: Cape Tribulation
Australia Australia QLD: Daintree
Australia Australia QLD: Mossman
Australia Australia QLD: Port Douglas
Australia Australia VIC: Ballarat
Australia Australia VIC: Belgrave
Australia Australia VIC: Brighton
Australia Australia VIC: Cowes
Australia Australia VIC: Dandenong
Australia Australia VIC: Geelong
Australia Australia VIC: Glen Waverley
Australia Australia VIC: Healesville
Australia Australia VIC: Melbourne
Australia Australia VIC: Mitcham
Australia Australia VIC: Mt Martha
Australia Australia VIC: Nhill
Australia Australia VIC: Phillip Island
Australia Australia VIC: Pomonal
Australia Australia VIC: Portsea
Australia Australia VIC: Rye
Australia Australia VIC: Sassafras
Australia Australia VIC: St Kilda
Australia Australia VIC: Summerlands
Australia Australia VIC: Swan Hill
Australia Australia VIC: Warrnambool

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Australia 2002 Trip:-
Flight BA017 departs London 13th March 2002 at 19:50
arrives Melbourne 15th March 2002 at 04:20
Seat 32a for Singapore leg, then upgraded to WorldPlus, good old Dave.

Bob and Sandra (Francis and Thomas – Penny and Trish the dogs)

Friday 15th (A$300 cash)
Sandra and Me out and about in Sassafras

Saturday 16th
Bob and I down to his work to use email

Sunday 17th
All went to Enrico and Donna’s for christening of their son.

Mornington Peninsular:
Wally Barker (Aussie the dog)

Monday 18th
Hired car (Europcar - A$369.24) from across road from Bob’s office, drove down to Mount Martha, had lunch in Mornington

Tuesday 19th
Went with Wally to watch him fly his model aircraft, followed by drive up Peninsula. Lunch at nice little place ??. Had go on Chair Lift at Arthur’s Seat. Watched surfers for a while at beeches along opposite side of bay. Had a look at site at Sullivan Bay where whites tried to first settle.

Wednesday 20th
Went to Nepean Point, had 3 hour walk around sites. Lunch in Sorrento at Buckley’s Chance, very nice. Went for paddle in Port Phillip Bay just outside Sorrento.

Thursday 21st
Went for drive, met Bob at one of his jobs. Met Wally at Jeanette’s, Carole was there too.

Bob and Sandra (Francis and Thomas – Penny and Trish the dogs)

Friday 22nd (A$300 cash)
Had walk first thing on Board Walk to Briars Park (didn’t go in park). Sunbathed on Jetty for an hour, then drove back towards Melbourne. Had fish n chip lunch near Mornington. Dropped car off at Eurocar and went back with Bob. Roast for dinner.

Saturday 23rd
Chilling and getting sorted for the trip. Roast Chicken for dinner.

Poets Recall Motel (A$65)

Bob and Sandra (Francis and Thomas)

Sunday 24th
Well we finally got going! I was asleep when we passed Ned Kellys; so never saw that. We stopped at Albury and had a cuppa tea and a paddle in the Murray River. Arguments started when we went to find first Motel! Had Steak and Chips in small café style resto. Bob and I had few beers on balcony outside my room.

Wentworth Falls:
Grand View Hotel (A$40)
Bob and Sandra (Francis and Thomas)

Monday 25th
Well we eventually got going, we were supposed to have a BBQ breakfast by the river…..but that didn’t happen, more issues… but hey ho, I went to take some piccys. Got going saw the “Dog on the Tucker Box”. More issues with Motel tonight too. Bob slept in my room, as they had had a row, we got pissed with locals in Hotel bar.

Tuesday 26th (A$300 cash)
Got train to Sydney, picked up hire car and off on own! Katoomba to Central (A$11.20) Bought ticket at 12:59!

Reeces Olympic Motel (A$70)

Wednesday 27th
Eat lunch at Matucana Cafe Avoca Beach

Motel name on video (A$40)

Thursday 28th

Royal Hotel (A$28?? Don’t think I payed.)
email in hotmail account

Friday 29th
Mystwood Valley (A$95)
Total (A$146.50) this included internet charges and BBQ, which was great, looking out over deck at Kangaroos.

Day spent driving from Dungog via the Hunter Valley.

Saturday 30th
The National Terrace Motel total (A$79)
Drove via Bathurst raceway
Had fish n chips at the best place voted by a Sydney newspaper, Windsor Seafoods.
Had drinkies in oldest pub in Australia, had drink with “Dave” (‘s). Very jolly chat.

Sunday 31st
Cash (A$300.00) North Richmond 9:32am
Zig zag Motel (A$75)
Total (A$127.00) that included a great meal (A$29.00) and wonderful wine (A$23.00).
Blue Montains, did the Zig Zag railway, after drive from Windsor.

Monday 1st April
Log Cabin Motor Inn total (A$115.00)
Left Blue Mountains to head for Manly. Couldn’t find anywhere to stay so ended up driving bloody miles back out to Penrith, via the Harbour Bridge!!!

Tuesday 2nd
The Russell Hotel (A$165.00)
Drove back down to Mona Vista (check name). Drove along coast stopping at various beeches. Walked the length of Manly, full of tacky places and people. Went into Sydney and found Hotel, drove down to The Rocks and The Russel Hotel. Great location.

Wednesday 3rd
Sydney: The Russell Hotel (A$165.00)
Went to Bondi Beech, walked length and back. Then went to pick Sean up. Had lunch at Doyle’s on the Beech (A$82.90), at Watsons Bay. Overlooked the harbour with distant views of the bridge (the coat hanger) We took car back and went for few beers.

Thursday 4th
The Russell Hotel (A$165.00)
Went for walk around Botanical Gardens, Sydney Opera House and The Rocks.

Friday 5th
The Russell Hotel (A$165.00)
Cash (A$300.00) 9:40 am
Walked over the Bridge, met Sean and went to Manly by ferry for lunch, very nice, went to different part. Met up with Sean and Robyn for evening in Paddington

Saturday 6th

The Russell Hotel (A$165.00)
Films (A$65.00) circular quay
Went to Darling Harbour by ferry, had trip on Mono Rail. After lunch at café where Sean and I met Friday, I hopped on Ferry to furthest point to take in the Harbour areas. Met Sean in evening for a few beers, pub crawl.
Total Hotel bill (A$825.00)

Flight QF726 departs Sydney 07th April 2002 at 11:20
arrives Ayres Rock 07th April 2002 at 14:15

Sunday 7th
Ayres Rock:
Booked into Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge (A$145.00).
Had early dinner at Resto in resort centre (A$45.30).

Monday 8th
Ayres Rock:
Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge (A$145.00).
Cash (A$300) Yulara 9:45 am
Picked up hire car Thrifty (A$358.34), went down to Ayres Rock. Climbed it, wow! Came back for shower then went back to explore the rock from below. Sunset at

Ayres Rock.
Tuesday 9th
Ayres Rock:
Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge (A$145.00).
Checked out (A$480.30)
Went to the Olgas, walked the Valley of the Winds path, wow again. Went back for shower and spent sunset at the olgas.

Wednesday 10th
Kings Canyon Resort (A$98):
Drove to Kings Canyon, stopped off at Curtin Springs for coffee and pie. Did the Canyon walk at around 3:30. Met Paul and Karen. Beers and dinner with them in eve.

Thursday 11th
Ayres Rock:
Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge (A$145.00).
Cash (A$300) Yulara 17:49
Total (A$198.00) included (A$53.90) Dinner at Gecko’s.
Did the Canyon Rim walk, hang over too. Came back for shower, then headed off back to Ayres Rock resort. Had early dinner and some beer.

Flight QF688 departs Ayres Rock 12th April 2002 at 13:40
arrives Cairns 12th April 2002 at 16:25
Had seat 3a, nice right behind Business class, therefore loadsa leg room.

Friday 12th
Car Hire A$409.87 Thrifty
The High Chapperall (A$60)

Saturday 13th
Port Douglas
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
Eat at Sardi’s in evening had:
Giant Prawns followed by Veal Ragout wasched down with a Rouge Homme

Sunday 14th
Port Douglas
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
Eat at Ilios, very nice Chicken

Monday 15th
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
A$300.00 cash 18:21
A$120.10 for Dive trip, used Aristocat
Cloudy and seas rough, good two dives though and 2 lots of Snorkelling
Swallow and Playground reefs

Tuesday 16th
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
Drove up to Port Tribulation, via the ferry.
Rain Forest
Bat House

Wednesday 17th
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
Went for walk, left car at marina, walked through town, then lunch at beech followed by walk down to end of Port Douglas beech.
Evening met Janet Willey and Scott Murison
8 Bowclen Street, Glenorchy (Hobart) Tasmania, 7010 Australia
(03) 62 73 5504
Mobile 0404887295

Thursday 18th
The Lazy Lizard Motel (Best Western) (A$75)
A$300 cash 16:17
A$108.50 for dive trip, 2 dives great vis and again some snorkelling
Sunshine and calm seas
Swallow and Knowbody reefs
Dinner at Salsa :
Garlic bread, Spicy Soup thing with giant prawns, Chicken special wotsit 2 Gin n T’s (A$60)

Friday 19th
Checked out this morning (A$476.50)
High Chaparral (A$60)

Saturday 20th
Flight QF647 departs Cairns 20th April 2002 at 10:50
arrives Melbourne 20th April 2002 at 14:10

Sunday 21st

Monday 22nd
Flight BA017 departs Melbourne 22nd April 2002 at 16:50
arrives London 23rd April 2002 at 06:45

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