The Maldives

Nakatchafushi  '98Kuramathi  '06Angaga  '11

Nakatchafushi  1998

Kuramathi  2006

Kuramathi Island Resort

29th October to 6th November 2006





Kuramathi Maldives Sailing

Angaga 2011

Angaga Island Resort

Checked out options to get to Angaga and found a Thompson package. It's a shame they charge extra for seat reservations, drinks and films - but everything else was fine - no delays (on the day). 

This was our third trip to the Maldives - previously stayed on Kuramathi and Nakatchafushi

   Angaga is a lovely little island with a real Maldivian feel to it - I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a quiet island especially if snorkeling is one of your priorities. Stayed January 2011, travelled as a couple

We chose Angaga after reading that it has one of the best house reefs.


Maldives air taxi

Our original holiday was booked for 2nd Dec - but was cancelled on the day due to snow at Gatwick - Thompson handled that well - though of course it was very disappointing at the time - but we rebooked easily enough.

The Water Bungalows

We stayed in a water bungalow. we slightly missed having the sand and plants so close as with a beach bungalow - but it was fantastic to step off the balcony every morning for pre breakfast swim then backup the steps straight into the shower.

We decided to try the half board option - which I think was 250pp cheaper than AI (or $50pp per day when on the island - you can just upgrade for a few days if you want to) We'd done AI before - it's great to be able to try all the cocktails and not worry about the cost - but the downside for me shows up on the scales when I get home!

Food was very good - there was always a good selection of dishes - Maldivian fish dishes plus beef,lamb and chicken dishes - salads - fanastic sweets. Friendy service.

We were among a few english couples - I would say most of the guests are German but there were a mixture of other nationalities too.

The Sunset Bar

....So this time HB - we had a good breakfast - usually skipped lunch - then 2 or 3 beers in the sunset bar before dinner - and a few in the beach bar too. The bill was $250 for both of us for the week - so we were quids in and no extra weight to get rid of afterwards!


The Snorkelling

....was very good - lots of different fish and the coral is beautiful.
At low tide the water is too shallow to swim over some of the coral close to the island - but the coral also extends out a long way out from the sunset bar where the water bungalows are.